Crusoe Gongbay

“Playing football, especially in college, taught me how to handle multiple things on a plate at the highest level to get them done.” – Crusoe Gongbay

Born and raised in Rockville, Maryland, by parents Miata Gongbay and Crusoe Gongbay Sr. Both parents were born in Monrovia, Liberia where they worked hard and saved enough money to buy green cards and move to America. 10 years later they became citizens and had a son who they named Crusoe Gongbay Jr. Miata Gongbay spoke about her son, “At a young age, about 8 or 9, he would fix my computer when it had issues. Additionally, he would fix the piping or toilets when they had issues. Occupation wise, he worked at a pizza shop putting menu flyers on doors, he would cut grass with his friends, shovel snow, and rake leaves. He would be doing all that while also playing four different sports (basketball, football, track, and soccer), all while playing the clarinet. He’s always been a person of many talents.”  

Fast forwarding, Crusoe who is now 27, still has those traits. He has been playing football in Germany for 2 years now while also buying and flipping real estate in various states around the USA. Using the capital from his housing investments to then put into stocks and cryptocurrency and other investments. He is also co-managing a musical artist. He also has traveled to over 30 countries around the world and learning about different cultures and living life to the fullest. I asked Crusoe how he handles all the things he has on his plate and still finds time to travel and keep his sanity, “Well I won’t exactly say that I’m sane, haha but I schedule my important things to get done and I prioritize them. Playing football, especially in college, taught me how to handle multiple things on a plate at the highest level to get them done. We used to have study hall ‪at 6 in the morning, team meetings right after. Then we had workouts, practice, team meetings after practice, class, and homework while trying to have a social life. That was day-to-day in college, so it taught me a lot regarding how to juggle many things. I’ve always told myself I would never work a typical 9-5 job, so I’ve chosen different ways to make money where a typical boss isn’t involved. I like my life this way because I can pick up and go travel when I’d like, and sometimes I just need my computer and phone to get work done.”

Crusoe emphasizes that the opportunities and connections he has made have been blessing from God. He hopes to keep creating more capital through his investments so he can continue to travel to different countries and help families in need. Connect With Crusoe:

Facebook: Crusoe Gongbay 

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