Exclusive: Rockidle’s enthralling new single ‘Autumn Air’

Jukebox Time is today featuring the latest single by artist Rockidle. It is titled Autumn Air. The single starts with engaging guitars and drums. And then the vocals by Rockidle take over as he embarks on a stunning journey of expressing his admiration for a person who has been closest to him in his adult life. The lyrics are powerful and very deep. The composition is appealing too.

The arrangement in the single is well-crafted. But the main asset in the single is the raw and passionate voice of Rockidle. He has a unique texture which is quite evident whenever he sings the wonderful chorus of the song.

Overall, Rockidle amazed us and the artist has done commendable work in his latest single.

Jukebox Time highly recommends this single to our readers! It is currently streaming on Spotify. 

About the artist: Rockidle also known as Derek Hagan is a singer/songwriter currently settled in Finland. He was born and raised in Ireland and grew up in EnglandA keen songwriter for many years, he has written close to 400 songs and about 45 of those songs are captured on a recording. Some of the notable songs by the artist are Sunny Side Up, Belvedere Drive and Relationships. His new collection of songs titled “Relationships 2” is scheduled for digital release on 29.11.2021.

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