DJ Quarantina’s riveting single “Dark & Stormy”

DJ Quarantina

Jukebox Time is today featuring artist DJ Quarantina’s new single. It is titled Dark & Stormy and we got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) into this phenomenal single. With exquisite beats and mesmerizing transitions the track is certainly alluring. The jarring synth sounds are arranged creatively so as to craft a distinct experience emanating from thriving melodic tones. The cascading composition forces us listen to this track on a loop mode due to its varied structures that are quite sublime. Another vital asset of the single is the bass laden progression that is definitely unconventional and captivates the listener’s attention.

Overall, Jukebox Time were impressed with this stunning single and highly recommends it.

Dark & Stormy is now streaming on SoundCloud.

About the artist: DJ Quarantina, aka Marjolein is from Amsterdam. She first became interested in the music scene at a young age. Rock, House, Techno where her favorite music styles. Her discography is now available on SoundCloud. 

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