Featured: Eric Terino’s upcoming album “Innovations of Grave Perversity”

Eric Terino

Jukebox Time is today featuring the highly anticipated album of artist Eric Terino. It is titled Innovations of Grave Perversity and is set to release on the 11th of March. The album comprises tracks titled Felt, Torture The Dead, Invocations, Boulder and many more riveting songs. The very first impression that we get from this album is that Eric is conveying a sublime and rather mysterious yet enigmatic vibe. A very peerless sound that only he can consciously create and share with the world.

The canvas of his music intermingles with a lot of underlying feelings that are disclosed as we progress through the album. Felt has an ideal emotional expression with an alluring orchestra. Whereas Invocations conjures a remarkable sentiment that coaxes us into an unknown territory. It does seem Eric isn’t really trying to guard his emotions and is mustering and exposing the rawness that is concealed in his heart especially when he sings, “Interpolations of honeyed memories gather all the life you left with me”. Albeit, it is no easy task for an artist to transmit that but Innovations of Grave Perversity is an ideal example of an artist steering the listener through his art and in this case through his music!

Boulder – it seems is the most experimental song from the album in terms of music. Over here it strikes as if his voice is boundless and it is jarred with evocative realism (If I root into its soil will I grow cold, childless, and alone?) that is hard to express without the aid of music. Whereas, I Didn’t Live There sums up the entire album quite marvelously! The most heart-touching song was The Snowfall At dusk. We would request the readers to listen to it from the album when it comes out. These lines truly express the essence of the song, I tremble still when I think of that, the moment I found out what I am”.

There are numerous interpretations possible in Eric’s music and that in itself is an enticing element in his music. There is calmness, melancholy and even distinct tranquility entrenched in his voice. And the ability to share those personal experiences of a varying degree from his life requires a component of sensible inner awareness.

Overall, Innovations of Grave Perversity has an immersive listening experience ingrained in all the songs!

All songs from the album are Written, Produced, Mixed, and Engineered by Eric Terino himself. And the album is mastered by Sean Weyers for SWS Recordings.

About the artist: Tapping into the rich timeless history of romance and poetics past, Eric Terino’s musical landscape paints a portrait of an American artist with a sweeping perspective on what it means to be human.

Eric Terino

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Eric Terino Image credit – Rosie Parsons.

Album Cover – Eric Terino.

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