Exclusive: Artist Jonathan Sparks’ releases new single “No Change For Beggars”!

Jonathan Sparks

Jukebox Time is today featuring artist Jonathan Sparks’ new single. It is titled No Change For Beggars and is a riveting track with phenomenal arrangement. We got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) and were amazed by the distinct tonality ingrained in the single. The sublime transitions, the evocative vocals and alluring melodic tones are exhilarating and truly cajoles us into listening to this track on a loop mode! With deep lyricism and scintillating ballad vibe, No Change For Beggars is a truly a mesmerizing track.

And therefore, Jukebox Time highly recommends this single.

About the artist: Producing rock-infused tracks with a touch of blues, Atlanta-based Jonathan Sparks launched his solo career after performing in bands Lucid Rain (2004) and Poésis (2007). Having performed around the country opening for Tom Petty and Santana’s original band, Sparks is already selling out venues in Atlanta. He’s currently working with Ross Childers, former guitarist and producer for Collective Soul, and Peter A. Barker, Director of Engineering at Los Angeles studio Pen Station and formerly Director of Engineering for Sony Music and Interscope Records. Mr. Barker has worked with a diverse set of artists such as Guns N Roses, Fall Out Boy, Jeff Beck, and Black Label Society.  Sparks has been releasing new singles regularly in 2022. Jonathan Sparks is a jack of all trades, with a successful legal and business coaching career in addition to his musical talent. Sparks is also the host of ‘Success, Decisions, & Rock N’ Roll’, a motivational, self-help podcast about improving your life and becoming “the best version of yourself.” The show analyzes classic rock tunes, dissects obstacles we face when aiming for success, and adds secret tips and tricks to breaking through our own constraints. 

The single is set to release on 16th of December and will be available for streaming on SoundCloud!

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