Exclusive: ‘Bluesaholic’ by Davina Robinson unfolds a scintillating musical odyssey

Davina Robinson

In the realm of extended plays, there are those that flicker brightly yet briefly, and then there are those like “Bluesaholic”—a three-track EP that not only captivates but lingers long after the last note fades. On a resplendent Wednesday morning, we found ourselves utterly ensnared by its charm. Crafted by the deft hands of Davina Robinson, “Bluesaholic” unfolds as a scintillating musical odyssey. The EP opens with “Freak in Me,” a track that, with its subtle allure, ignites a spectacular sonic journey. Davina’s vocals—supremely majestic—hold us in thrall.

“Like a Woman,” another jewel in this aural crown, looped in our ears, refusing to be silenced. The transitions within are constructed to weave an enigmatic aura around the listener. The lyricism, both mesmerizing and mighty, stands testament to Davina’s vocal prowess. Her voice is raw and deep, yet as melodic as the dawn’s first light caressing the earth. As a masterful artist, she delivers an experience in this single that transcends the sonic, venturing into the timeless.

The EP’s finale, “Big Butt Woman,” is a composition of enigmatic arrangements and superb melodies that solidify the EP’s impact. Yet, a vital charm of “Bluesaholic” lies in the spectacular percussion by Taro Takagi and the bass by Ko Shimizu. These Japanese virtuosos infuse the EP with an indescribable beauty. “Bluesaholic” shines as a testament to partnership and creative synergy, with the power to enchant a global audience.

Enchanting, mesmerizing, and profound, “Bluesaholic” is now streaming on Spotify and is a proud feature on our official playlist.

About the artist: Davina Robinson is a singer and songwriter from Philadelphia, currently based in Japan. She is a master of capturing the authentic spirit of the blues with her emotional voice while also tackling a wide range of other influences, including soul, rock and R&B. Fans of legendary blues and soul singers such as Etta James, Tina Turner, and Aretha Franklin will find a kindred spirit in Davina Robinson, who is quickly winning over fans and industry insiders.

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