Exclusive: Chris Steele Enthralls us in his latest album ‘Tales Told Out of School’

chris steele

Today, Jukebox Time is featuring the riveting artist Chris Steele’s latest album, Tales Told Out of School, which comprises 10 sensational songs. It starts with Bus Ride, which has a vibrant arrangement and a peppy intro. The lush vocals are complemented by dynamic rhythms. I Am Not Well is a superb track with an upbeat vibe and feet-tapping rhythms. The arrangement is conventional with a subtle modern blend that invigorates the listener. Apropos of Nothing is another marvelous number from the album, where Chris Steele takes a sonic sojourn that we haven’t heard in the previous tracks. The guitars are sublime, and his vocals allure us into its enigmatic aspects. The chorus enthralls and pulls the psyche into a unique zone. Heart of a Young Man is a wonderful track with a breathtaking flow and scintillating vocals. The powerful guitars evoke nostalgia for a bygone era.

By the time we reach Careful What You Wish For, Chris Steele has showcased a broad spectrum of varied tonality. There is a slight multi-genre aspect ingrained in his music, which he sprinkles with a subtle knack that is hard to find in music these days. The sonic structures have a conventional touch with his signature sound embedded in all tracks, evoking a vibe unlike any other. The transitions are also phenomenal. The album ends with All’s Well That Ends, which has a wonderful mood that stays with us.

So what exactly is it in Chris Steele’s music that captivates us? Is it the vocals, the guitar work, or the lyricism? Well, it is a blend of all these aspects. Yet what really invigorates us is the fragrance of his artistic spirit that touches us. The simplicity and rawness in his voice, the power to convey a story through lyrics, and the evocative music provide an all-encompassing experience for music lovers. His music is a marvelous blend of guitars and vocals, creating an immersive and captivating sound.

Tales Told Out of School has everything one could look for in music. Whether you listen to it on the subway, while sipping your morning tea in your front yard, or on a road trip from coast to coast, Chris Steele’s music will accompany you and bring forth a distinct mood that resides deep in everyone’s heart.

We highly recommend this album, now streaming on Spotify. Additionally, Careful What You Wish For and All’s Well That Ends and Bus Ride, are streaming on our official Spotify playlist too.

“So, the story is I’m a bit of a traveler and a dreamer, an observer of life… A New Jersey kid who’s lived in New York and North Carolina before coming to Boston… And who’s spent a lot of time in Canada. I play rock – music with roots that come from the 70’s and 80’s (and 60’s if we’re honest). Rock with some folk, but also a little bit of prog thrown in.  And – as one who’s lived a lot of life – I like to tell stories; my own and those of the people I see around me.”Chris Steele.

chris steele

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