Featured EP: ‘Songs for Healing Hearts: Vol. One’ by The Far North

Lee Wylding, The Far North

Jukebox Time is featuring the sensational EP Songs for Healing Hearts: Vol. One by The Far North today. This solo project is by artist Lee Wylding who is known for his evocative songs. Recently, we got a special sneak peek into his EP and were amazed by its inherent dynamism. Light of My Life sets the tone for the EP immediately with a mesmerizing mood. The intro is subtle and creates a unique vibrancy. The transitions are powerful, featuring varied instrumentation that captivates the heart. Home Sweet Home boasts scintillating guitars and mind-blowing vocals. The rhythms are terrific, blending wonderfully with the overall tonality of the song. The progression gives us a glimpse of a multi-genre sound, and the subtle tonal variations are superb. Listen to the outro guitars, and you’ll agree that they truly pull at the strings of our psyche. Church of You provides a fantastic break in the flow of the EP, showcasing the artist’s innate ability to be innovative and create an immersive experience for music lovers. Unplayed Guitar captures the essence of the EP, with an arrangement that nods to the music of a bygone era while incorporating a stunning modern vibe added by the artist.

Overall, we were impressed by the EP and Lee Wylding’s invigorating vocals. His voice captivates us and touches our hearts, a feat only a true artist can achieve. We highly recommend this EP, now streaming on Spotify, and Light of My Life is also available on our official playlist!

About the artist: Representing the solo work of the Chester based English musician Lee Wylding, The Far North formed in late 2019, offering a vehicle for the singer/songwriter’s more retrospective acoustic work. Steeped in influences from the 1960’s and 70’s, namely Springsteen, Neil Young and more modern artists such as City & Colour & Johnny Flynn, The Far North are actively contributing to the burgeoning UK Americana scene and have already enjoyed airplay from radio stations in the UK and globally, including BBC 6 Music (Chris Hawkins), Regional BBC and Independent Local Radio. Lee’s debut gig was at Old Trafford Stadium in March 2020 just before lockdown

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