Exclusive: Hip Hop Artist Monsta and his distinct music!


Jukebox Time is today featuring Hip Hop Artist Monsta’s music. Known for his unparalleled and unique tonality the artist has recently released new singles for music lovers. We got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) into his tracks. Quick Bars is a riveting single with phenomenal beats. The composition is alluring that evokes a distinct vibe.

Another vital track from his discography is Getting 2 it (yuh). The lyricism is unique and seems to stem from the artist’s personal experience. The beats are enigmatic and voice of Monsta cajoles us to listen to his track on a loop-mode!

However, the main asset of his music lies is his delivery and flow that is fantastic. The powerful vocal nuances that he does are quite captivating in itself. Do listen to Bikini Bottom for a special peek into Monsta’s cascading delivery! The artist was also featured on tracks Fall in Love and Keep It Real on Kaddi Kids’ album Kadilac Rap!

His music is now streaming on major music streaming platforms including Spotify.

About the artist: Hailing from the city of Plainfield in the Garden State of New Jersey, Hip Hop artist Monsta – with lyrics as ferocious as his name, is making a heavy impact musically in the streets and within the industry as well. Monsta is a gifted emcee who uses his talents rapping, creating R&B, and even Pop tracks in the studio. To the core, his music reflects on life’s hardships and celebrations through the eyes and words of someone who has seen it all growing up. Monsta reflects on his style and upbringing saying, “I consider my music to be a breath of fresh air. I bring back an era where you really had to rap to be heard and I’m still young. My songs are about the everyday issues in life. I come from poverty myself so I speak about the struggle and things I did or do to overcome them issues.” Still grounded in where he’s from and creating music that’s relatable for those in similar situations is something Monsta does well. He has been working overtime to give the public the realness they have been waiting for. His authenticity, rugged flow and vivid bars makes Monsta a standout amongst the crowd. 

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