Exclusive: Logan J. Blackman mesmerizes us with his phenomenal music!

Logan J. Blackman

Jukebox Time is today featuring artist Logan J. Blackman. Known for his riveting compositions and alluring orchestral work, the artist has recently released few scintillating tracks for music lovers. We got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen?) into his tracks and were blown away by the sheer audacity and the sublime structure of these compositions. Prayer of a Broken Heart is a brilliant composition which clearly symbolizes the creative impulse of a 21st-century artist. The splendidness and evocative aspect of subtle tonality is quite vibrant! The musical phrasing that we experienced in this composition or even Blackman: Sonata for Bassoon and Piano, Movement III is enigmatic and showcases the thoroughly arranged string section and piano coalescing into a singular framework. And this in itself reveals the depth of sonic variety that Logan seems to have ingrained in his music.

His recent single The Logic of a Mad-Man, Mvt III: Unsure Assurance is short yet sweet and has a captivating melody and wonderful tonality too. Albeit, when it comes to his composition we did find that he implements contemporary vibe and blends his own unique style too. Also, his first sonata that we mentioned earlier was written for bassoon and piano. This seven and a half minute track is worth listening on a loop-mode! With quite a subtle sprinkling of Weber and Mozart the signature “Logan sound” is executed marvelously!

Overall, we can attest that Logan J. Blackman has a distinct attribute of blending the structural integration pertaining to classical music and modern renditions in a sparkling manner. And thus we cannot confine his music into a particular section. In fact the labels won’t give justice to the innovative yet breathtaking take on classical music that he seems to be aiming towards. Well, time will tell whether he blends more of contemporary structures into his music or embarks on a journey of total innovation!

Jukebox Time highly recommends his music which is now available on SoundCloud and YouTube.

About the artist: Born and raised in Paducah Kentucky, Logan J. Blackman has been performing and composing for over 16 years. He’s appeared as a guest conductor for the university of Kentucky symphony orchestra, murray state wind ensemble, and university of Kentucky wind ensemble. He studied composition with Dr. Mike D’ambrosio and Dr. Joseph Baber. Blackman holds a bachelors in bassoon performance and a masters in orchestral conducting from the university of Kentucky.

Do keep an eye on his official social media for updates about future releases!

Logan J. Blackman 


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  1. Love his music! A young and extremely talented individual. I look forward to hearing more from this young man!

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