Exclusive: The charismatic duo “Slack Key ‘Ohana” are astonishing and splendid!

Slack Key Ohana

Jukebox Time is today featuring an exclusive new EP by artist duo Slack Key ‘Ohana. It is a self-titled album comprising of songs titled Slack Key ‘Ohana, Ku’u Lei Nani Mai ‘Oe, Hanalei Moon and many more breathtaking songs. Imagine yourself sitting on a beach with a serene and calm ocean right there in front of you and through a serendipitous connection two charming guitarists sprung up across you! The readers might argue that it only happens in movies or dreams, well not really until you have heard Slack Key ‘Ohana’s new EP! It is nothing less than an exhilarating or rather intriguing musical journey altogether. The dreamy vibe, picturesque guitars and flamboyant compositions allure us into a memory lane that bestows more authenticity than a movie or a dream experience can provide!

The title song took us back into the 60s via their phenomenal blend of harmonies and exquisite guitars. It definitely reminded us of the Bee Gees and rather stunning Beach Boys. However, Slack Key ‘Ohana sounded more newfangled with their arrangement.

Hanalei Moon is another sublime song from the EP. A “smooth and creamy” song with its throbbing heart-type panoramic music that engulfed us into nostalgia right away. The harmonic solidification conjuncts with a sonic veil that is lifted slowly with slow and subtle yet impressive guitars.

Kahuku Slack Key is bright and comprises overtly refreshing dynamics that we often hear in The Everly Brothers music. The EP is finally wrapped up with a more laid-back version of their title song Slack Key ‘Ohana.

Truly, Slack Key ‘Ohana are the modern-day “The Everly Brothers”! Their EP is tender, sensational yet has a modern blend of redolent vocals propelled by masterfully crafted youthfulness which is ingrained in each song. There is an influence of the music of the 50’s and 60’s and rather subdued musical strokes which might sound unconventional. But in reality that is the creativity of the duo and their consciously crafted songs express truthfulness and vibrancy of life that appears in front of us every moment!

Jukebox Time highly recommends this album for this year as the world slowly taps into the new territory of opportunities in 2022. Grab a mimosa, relax and tune into Slack Key ‘Ohana’s EP and life will feel mesmerizing and refreshing!

The EP is currently streaming on all major music streaming services.

About the duo: Slack Key ʻOhana is a Kaleponi (California) based guitar duo with an ever-expanding roster of guest talent rotating in both studio and live performances. Their self-titled album recently debuted at #2 on the iTunes World Music Charts. Integrating traditional Hawaiian Slack Key with a contemporary sound, the band is expanding their audience with the aim of bringing traditional Hawaiian music into the American mainstream.

Slack Key Ohana

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