Featured: Josh Relic’s sensational album ‘Wire Jungle’

Josh Relic Wire Jungle

Jukebox Time is today featuring an album by artist Josh Relic. It is titled Wire Jungle and comprises tracks titled Rezzonated, Crank It, Wire Jungle, Move Me and many more riveting tracks! Rezzonated is a bass-driven, invigorating track with subdued beats. The power-packed arrangement thrilled us! Whereas the title track Wire Jungle totally enraptured us! The beats remind us of the 90s UK rave scene, whereas the melodic beats are creatively utilized to create a fresh and distinct sound. Another remarkable track is Skin. The intro seized our hearts as the intriguing aspect of the rhythms were quite phenomenal.

What Josh Relic really showcases is a niche of his own carved through his own experimental sounds. Be it the stimulating beats in Crank It, or thumping bass in Hard Copy. Wire Jungle is structurally enriched with exquisite vocals and buzzing arpeggios. And on top of that, the mix sounds totally unique and the progressive aspects of the compositions are also quite noticeable.

Jukebox Time recommends this album due to its surreal rhythms and assertive nature of the distinct melodic tones. 

Wire Jungle is currently streaming on all major music streaming services.

About the artist: Josh Relic is a director, actor and music producer born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He began entertaining at age 5 and would continue to participate in plays and modeling throughout his childhood. He began to pursue acting professionally at the age of 15.

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  1. I randomly discovered this album and love it. It is unique and hypnotizing experience to listen all the way through. Not sure where the genre fits but it is EDM for sure.

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