Featured: Alt Rock Band Elliott Waits For No One’s new single ‘Time Loop’

TIME LOOP - Elliott Waits For No One

Jukebox Time is today featuring Alt Rock Trio Elliott Waits For No One’s new single, “Time Loop.” We were granted a special peek (or shall we say, sneak listen) into the single and came away utterly mesmerized. The track thrills with its distinctive arrangement, immersing listeners in an experimental soundscape that drenches them in a spectrum of tonalities. Amid the riveting transitions, a multitude of subtle tones emerge and converge, creating a seamless flow. The ability to blend these transitions into a cohesive harmony is indeed remarkable. While the vocals may be unconventional, they contribute to a ‘distinct’ and lush vibe that is simply delightful. The melody and rhythms cascade together, conjuring an euphoric experience, further elevated by enrapturing lyricism.

Troch’s incredible work on the electric guitar, bass, and vocals stands out, while Franck on lead vocals and Pennell on drums and organ deliver phenomenal performances.

Encapsulating a message of love within the concept of endless loops that surround us, “Time Loop” explores the profound idea of infinite love, awaiting those who seek it.

Music enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover that the official music video is just as captivating and addictive, with visuals that match the track’s trippy and experimental essence, propelling the single into an entirely new dimension. The visual narrative complements the sublime music perfectly. Immerse yourself in the auditory realm first, then enhance the experience manifold by watching the video.

The single is available digitally and released by Alternator Records and produced by the band and Jaben Pennell at Vibehouse Productions. It is part of the trio’s forthcoming full-length album Midnight Melody which is set to release in 2024.

In summary, fans and music lovers alike are in for a treat with this fantastic offering, now available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube.

Jukebox Time not only recommends this single but has also featured the track on our official Spotify Playlist.

About the band: Chicago, Door County, WI, Las Vegas and Los Angeles-based alternative rockers Elliott Waits For No One, consists of industry stalwarts Brian Troch, Jenny Franck, Jeff Tortoro, and Todd Wolf. 

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