Featured: Artist Brad Rudolph’s sensational new EP ‘EV-O-LU-TION’


Jukebox Time is featuring Brad Rudolph’s latest EP, “EV-O-LU-TION,” today. Recently, we were treated to a special sneak peek (or shall we say, sneak listen!) of the EP, and we were utterly amazed by its audacity. Comprising six phenomenal tracks, the EP is truly invigorating. The journey begins with “Solitudes Echo,” featuring Alex Dew boasting a marvelous arrangement. The introduction, featuring a sample from the The Twilight Zone, sets a vibrant tone, and the composition completely captivates us thereafter. The guitar work evokes a nostalgia unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

The Muse” starts with a subdued tonality. The subtle vocals paint a scintillating panorama, while the arrangement, once again lavish and lush, holds our attention. The vocals are riveting, captivating the heart of the listener. However, with “One Of The Wonders Of The World,” the EP takes a creative trajectory with a sonic structure different from what we’ve heard so far. The lyricism delves deep, yet the magical tonality creates a unique mood. “In My Dreams” has that creative digress overlay in terms of arrangement yet the magical element of sonic pattern are present in a compact manner. Whereas “Numb” has the most terrific blend of psychedelic and retro musical flares. Albeit the vocals have a touch of past forlorn tones that is hardly audible in any other track. Lastly, the EP concludes with “U ni Vs,” boasting an intriguing intro. The vocal samples and synth sounds cajole and keep the listener engrossed in the tonal flow. This track, marking the end of the journey, showcases the evolution (or shall we say EV-O-LU-TION!), sharing the soulful element of music.

Overall, we were impressed with the EP and the varied vibrancy ingrained within it. At times, the retro vibe prevails, while at others, the sensations of modern electronics elate us. Brad Rudolph masterfully blends peppiness with classical genre paradigms throughout the EP. We highly recommend this EP, now streaming on Spotify, and “The Muse” has found its way onto our official playlist.

About the EP: Alex Dew collaborates as the lyrical co-writer with Brad Rudolph on all compositions except for Numb. Also the track Numb features Keturah Allgood as the lead vocalist and co-lyricist alongside Brad. Additionally, Bradford Carson contributes as the lead guitarist on Numb.

About the artists: Brad Rudolph is an engineer, producer, song writer and musician with over 40 years touring and studio experience. Whether its playing bass on stage with Bo Diddley or working for Steve Jobs at Apple, or writing music for Sony/Playstation games his passion experience and love of music and technology are what drives him. Brad Rudolph is an award wining Music Artist who began his exciting musical voyage of artistic discovery in 1970. Since then,he’s used constant collaboration and experimental sound exploration to shape his signature sound that echoes around the world. He is one of the premiere musician in NC. 

Alex Dew resides in the UK and despite the distance, they collaborate remotely. Brad Rudolph handles all instrumental duties on the record and also takes charge of mixing and mastering at his studio, Falling Waters Studio, located in NC.

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