Featured: Artist DURAN’s latest album ’30 Scratchy Backroad Blues’


Jukebox Time is today featuring the latest album 30 Scratchy Backroad Blues by artist DURAN. With 12 stunning tracks, the album completely mesmerized us. “Look Behind You” initiates the journey with a spectacular musical realm. The guitar riffs allure and captivate, while the subdued vocals convey a sublime vibe. “Jojo’s Echo Blues” is another marvelous number with a peppy yet subtle intro. The beats blend seamlessly with the unique guitar tones, showcasing a diverse spectrum of auditory realms. The phenomenal vocal performance adds to the allure, and the blues progression and transitions exhibit DURAN’s mastery over this style of music.

Mary Jane Blues,” a short and sweet musical offering, has a vibrancy of its own with the ideal blend of guitar and tapping rhythm, evoking nostalgia. “Solitary Muddy Trails” surprised us with its fuzzy tones and lush textures, enthralling with a western vibe ingrained within it. “Through My Hands” provides a surreal ending to the album—a mix of retro vibe and majestic sonic panorama.

Overall, DURAN has a knack for delivering glorious melodies and structures that deeply affect the psyche of listeners. His guitar work is fabulous, showcasing an uncanny musical prowess. Through unconventional yet creative experiments, he adds a dash of classical tones, demonstrating mastery over this mixed-genre territory.

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About the artist: DURAN is singer-songwriter and a guitarist born in Japan and raised in the Philippines. Started playing the piano at the age of 3 and picked up the guitar at the age of 14 under the influence of his bassist father. Active in various bands like ROOTLESS, Made in Asia, and a flood of circle. Also, participated as a guitarist with Japanese legendary singers such as Koshi Inaba (B’z), Suga Shikao, and Kiyoharu. Has performed on stages ranging from massive venues like the Nippon Budokan (capacity 14,000), Yokohama Arena (capacity 17,000), and Nissan Stadium (capacity 72,000) to smaller live houses.

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