Featured: Artist JetSki Bueller’s innovative new album ‘Think It Over’

JetSki Bueller

Today, Jukebox Time is featuring the phenomenal album ‘Think It Over’ by artist JetSki Bueller. This scintillating collection comprises seven enthralling songs. It begins with “First Hour Of Forever,” which dazzles with a vibrant intro and wonderful synth sounds. From there, JetSki Bueller’s vocals take us on a stunning auditory journey. The transitions are sublime and create a powerful impact. “Vogue Wheels” exudes a unique vibrancy, with a surreal vocal arrangement and varied tonality that mesmerizes listeners. The rhythms harmonize perfectly with the overall melodic structure. “Last Mistake – Radio Edit” boosts a peppy vibe and invigorating beats, where the magnificent flow of subdued vocals crafts a powerful atmosphere. However, the outro takes us by surprise with its brilliant transition.

“Lets Make Babies” is another marvel from the album. JetSki Bueller adopts an uncanny approach to the arrangement. The rhythms are terrific, introducing an upbeatness not previously heard in the album. Added to this are JetSki Bueller’s lyricism and vocals, which craft a varied ambiance. The spirit of the song lies in its transitions and fluid flow.

But with “If It’s Alright” (our favorite!), he introduces an extremely diverse musical realm. Despite its unconventional vibe, the song showcases JetSki Bueller’ artistry. Like a masterful auditory craftsman, he plunges all in with experimental and traditional tones to bring forth an extremely creative offering for music lovers and fans.

We highly recommend listening to this album on loop mode to fully experience its multi-tonal richness. What does that mean? Well, you’ve got to listen to experience it! Truly, this is a wonderful album with a refreshing sound and structure.

Think It Over is now streaming on Spotify and also on our official Spotify Playlist!

About the artist: JetSki Bueller (born August 11th, 1997) is an American singer & songwriter from Virginia. Gravitating toward Pop & Hip-Hop, He has produced and composed records for several artists. This is JetSki’s sophomore album, following his 2022 release of JetSki Jackson. In this project, he hones in on his pop vocals and RnB elements to bring an elaborate new take on urban pop-rap. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Backstreet Boys.

JetSki Bueller

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