Waking Stone stuns with their new single ‘Wolves at Your Back’

Waking Stone

Jukebox Time is today featuring the stunning duo Waking Stone. Known for their captivating music, the band has recently released their new single titled “Wolves at Your Back.” We got a special peek into the single and were amazed by the dynamism ingrained in it. The intro is enticing with a subdued tonality that sparks intrigue. But after that, the transition completely transports one into an unconventional musical realm. The bold lyrics add a vibrancy that blends with the overall structure. The rhythms are groovy and add cohesiveness to the track.

However, the main asset of the single is the vocals. Ashley Cash stuns and completely mesmerizes with her voice, conveying emotional depth that knows no bounds. She compels us to imbibe the essence of the words and takes us on a soulful journey. On the other hand, Jim Cash, like a masterful artist, evokes subtle heartstrings through his sparkling guitar work (listen to the fuzzy intro which will attest to this fact!) and consciously crafted arrangement. His songwriting has a touch of multi-genre influences, yet whether you listen to “Ashes to Ashes” or “Is it Too Late?,” the fragrance of their signature sound is sprinkled in all their songs. This showcases that the band brings refreshing sounds and an auditory spectrum that is hard to find in music these days.

Whether you are embarking on a new journey in your life or looking to navigate your current path consciously, do listen to Waking Stone and explore the realms of distinct and fascinating musical landscapes.

We highly recommend their music, now streaming on Spotify.

Waking Stone is an American Rock Band from Washington DC led by married partners, Ashley Cash and Jim Cash. They create bold and artful alternative rock, hard rock, and classic rock. Their recordings and videos are self-produced and employ drummer, Nik Hughes (Bush).

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