Featured: Fear Of Falling’s latest EP ‘Speak Low’

Fear Of Falling

Jukebox Time recently had the pleasure of listening to Fear Of Falling’s latest EP, titled Speak Low, which comprises five stunning tracks. We were fortunate enough to get an exclusive sneak peek into the EP, and we were enthralled by its audacity. It begins with “Do Don’t,” featuring a subtle intro and invigorating arrangement. The riveting beats create a mesmerizing vibe, complemented by scintillating vocals.

“Thursday’s Letter” is another standout track with superb tonality. The guitars evoke an audacious mood, and the lyrics bring a captivating element that blends seamlessly with the overall arrangement. Once again, the vocals completely allure us.

“Hands on Me” starts with a synth vibe, slowly drawing us into a phenomenal sonic journey. It seems the band has taken a creative trajectory with this song. The overall atmosphere is lavish, with lush tonality that showcases the band’s musical prowess. Try listening to this on loop (we did!), and you will be amazed by the whirlpool of feelings it evokes. Truly, they are masters at striking the strings of listeners’ hearts.

Lastly, “Keanu Reeves” is another marvel from the EP, serving as an ideal conclusion to this musical journey. The band amalgamates the entire tonal realm, presenting a sound that feels like their signature. Is there genre-blending involved? Yes, but they have subtly sprinkled their unique tonality throughout the EP.

Highly recommended, this EP is now streaming on Spotify, and “Hands on Me” is also featured on our official Spotify playlist.

Fear Of Falling, is a USA/NJ-based indie alt-rock band, that has carved their own path through the music industry. With four albums under their belt, and a fifth, “Speak Low”, just released on Quark Records (distribution with InGrooves/Virgin/Universal Music Group) they have charted on dozens of Top 20 college radio stations. The quartet has an extensive touring history across the US, Canada, Germany and England leaving a permanent mark on the alternative music scene.

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