Featured: BigSky’s sensational album ‘Experience’


Jukebox Time is featuring the sensational band BigSky today. Recently, we got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) into their album Experience. Comprising ten tracks, the album enthralled us with its diverse tonality. First Steps sets the tone with a minimalistic arrangement, and then the title track Experience truly begins the auditory journey. With spectacular guitars and dynamic rhythms, the band showcases a thrill unlike anything else. Amazing starts with a powerful vocal arrangement and sublime synth sounds. The lyrics blend beautifully with the exquisite melody, complemented by stunning guitars and phenomenal vocals.

Nothing On is another marvel from the album, featuring fuzzy guitar tones and splendid drum work, showcasing BigSky’s innate sound. Their signature sonic structure is consciously sprinkled throughout the album. Whether it’s U could B, giving a nod to the bygone era, or Feeling of Love with its wonderful intro and beautiful arrangement, they craft their songs with distinct attention to create a vibrant experience for the listener. The main element lies not in any single aspect, but in the amalgamation of varied tones, superb lyrics, and fantastic vocals, creating a cohesive and captivating whole.


We highly recommend their album, now streaming on Spotify.

About the band: BigSky is a Swiss rock band, formed in 2019 by Swiss-American singer-songwriter Cédric Kohler. After a semi-professional career in Los Angeles, Cédric decided to return to his roots in Switzerland. The band draws its inspiration from the 70s, while incorporating contemporary sounds. They are heavily influenced by legends such as Muse, U2, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd, with nuances of soul/funk in the style of Stevie Wonder and Prince. With their unique sound and on-stage energy, BigSky continues to gain fans and make a name for themselves in the Swiss music scene and beyond.

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