Featured Artist: Jonathan Mensah aka Mood Changer

Jonathan Mensah

Jonathan Mensah better known by his stage name Mood Changer is from Maryland. He is a well-known social media comedian. He has been featured on many notable platforms like The Shade Room. He has been making noise in his industry heavily for over three years and has found his love for his passion since he was younger. One of his biggest accomplishments is being able to make people smile through what he loves. He is always making people smile wherever he goes with his real personality and has accomplished a lot through his god-given special talent. He runs his own company and has had pro ballers come out, participate, & show love multiple times. There are many big things on the way for Jonathan Mensah, better known as Mood Changer.

What is your real name & stage name?

Jonathan Mensah! Stage Name Mood Changer.

Where are you from?

I’m from Maryland!

What do you do?

I’m a social media comedian.

How long have you been in your industry?

I have been in this industry for 3 years!

What is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment is being able to make people happy with things I do to bring them joy.

How has COVID affected you on your journey?

Covid has been a disguise in a blessing. I managed to find my way to cope with it.

What’s your next move?

My next move is to work with a lot of other ppl in the DMV(Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia)

Are you working on any projects?

At this moment I’m just making a bunch of different videos for people to enjoy.

Where do you see yourself in 1 year?

I see myself getting well recognized for the entertainment I bring to people.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

I run my own company with pro basketball players and college and high school players that come to play in my events!

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