Exclusive: Mourning Moon’s Debut EP “Spirit Animal”

Mourning Moon

Jukebox Time is today featuring Indie rock band Mourning Moon’s debut EP. It is titled Spirit Animal and comprises of tracks Dr. Trenchfoot, FUFO, Lost at Sea and many more enthralling songs. The very first impression that we get from the band is that their music certainly evokes an unconventional and a captivating vibe. Be it the staggering guitar riffs, raw and fervent vocals or structurally powerful rhythms, Spirit Animal consists of all the elements that music lovers would look for in an experimental Alt. Rock band.

The title track is powerful with sublime arrangement. Whereas FUFO is a gripping number and has an interesting lyricism ingrained in the song.

Overall, Mourning Moon impressed us with their surreal and innovative sound. The melodies are aligned in a distinct way so as to conjure that “Indie Rock” feeling.

Jukebox Time recommends Spirit Animal which is currently streaming on Spotify.

Do keep an eye on their official social media for updates about future releases:


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