Featured: Black Catt’s new EP “Night Life Catt”

Black Catt

Jukebox Time is today featuring artist Black Catt’s new EP. It is titled Night Life Catt and comprises two phenomenal tracks 25 at Midnight and teetee. The genre that is known for and built upon resilience, Black Catt truly stunned us with his beguiling two-track EP. 25 at Midnight is intriguing and probably bemusing due to the unconventional musical realm that it explores. The textured melodic tone certainly enthralled us. And add to that the wordplay by Black Catt that we haven’t heard in a long time in the world of rap. Yes, the delivery is distinct but the flow is quite captivating. For the entirety of the track, we were completely enraptured by the arrangement.

On the other hand, teetee has the same beat structure as the first track but the melodic element is drastically different. Isn’t that what really captures the essence of the artist if the tonality is distinct in each track? Yes and that is what probably Black Catt aimed for in this track. The delivery as usual carries the signature style of the artist (it does get sensational in the middle of the song!). The pitch-perfect Black Catt tonal texture is something that will definitely allure music lovers to play his songs on a repeat mode. In the track teetee, the structure of the arrangement is simple yet the blend of powerful beats and wordplay makes it quite different from the first track.

Black CattWith just a two-track EP, the artist has already created a wave in the world of music. Music lovers would await a full-fledged album from this talented artist so that they can engulf themselves in the signature “Black Catt Sound”! And what in fact is that signature sound? It suffices to say, do listen to the Night Life Catt EP and the question will get erased by itself!


Black Catt is an artist from Detroit and son of a musician.

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