Featured: Chris Corey’s enthralling new single titled “Baby Steps ’24 Remix”

Chris Corey

Today, we showcase a new single by the artist Chris Corey. We had the privilege of a special sneak peek into his latest release titled Baby Steps ’24 Remix, or shall we say a sneak listen? With an ethereal introduction and a classic arrangement, the single skillfully captivates us. The transitions are exceptionally sublime, enthralling us completely. Introducing enigmatic new sonic tones, Chris Corey adds a distinct vibrancy and pleasantly unconventional overtones. A subtle infusion of Pop blended with EDM renders this track irresistibly alluring. Chris Corey’s mastery lies in crafting a surreal auditory panorama that lingers with us long after we’ve stopped listening to the song.

And therefore Jukebox Time highly recommends this single which is now streaming on Spotify and YouTube and also our official Spotify Playlist.

About the artist: Raised in a small city in Northern Ontario, Chris Corey splits his time between Ontario and Western Canada where he’s currently working on releasing his debut album. Drawing influences from a variety of genres including rock, pop, blues, country, folk and new wave, his new album promises to be a treat for listeners with wide musical palettes. Chris plans to drop his debut album in early 2024 and follow that with some live gigs to promote the record.

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