Exclusive: Artist Tommy HotHands’ riveting new single ‘Fall Forward’

Tommy HotHands

Today, we are spotlighting the newest single by artist Tommy HotHands, titled “Fall Forward.” We were fortunate enough to receive an exclusive sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) into the single and found ourselves completely enthralled by it. With “Fall Forward,” Tommy HotHands showcases a crucial aspect of experimental music, intertwining evocative vocals and sublime tonality to create an ethereal vibe. The intonation of the lyrics is persuasive and captivates our attention. However, the later transition introduces a jarring vibe, signifying Tommy’s ability to bring a distinct sonic panorama into his music. The subdued sound patches subtly convey the euphoric elements ingrained in the track.

In comparison to his EP “Delete_,” which he released last year, it appears Tommy HotHands has embarked on a creative trajectory of his own in ’24. “Fall Forward” truly highlights his range and hints at more to come from the artist. Only he can answer what musical enigma he will offer to music lovers this year.

Indeed, Tommy’s music defies specific genre categorization, although his experimental nature is prominently evident. “Fall Forward” draws inspiration from Denzel Washington’s famous speech at the University of Pennsylvania, infusing a powerful motivational aspect through superb musical overtones. It serves as an ideal track to encourage exploration and the pursuit of one’s passions. As the past fades away, what remains is the present and the future. Brace yourself for a positive and poetic new year with this track. If you seek an experimental mix for inspiration, look no further; grab your earphones

grab your earphones or tune into your streaming service or put this on your sound system and embark on the journey of “Fall Forward” by Tommy HotHands.

The single is now available for streaming on your favorite platforms, including Spotify. And has been added to our Magazine’s Official Spotify Playlist too!

About the artist: A Full Sail alumnus, Tommy HotHands AKA Tommy Chandler holds a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts and Design. His passion for music ignited with the first play of Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory,” a CD borrowed from a cousin. His musical tastes swiftly grew to embrace the sounds of Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Kid Cudi, each artist leaving a mark of influence. As time passed, he found the list of influencers expanding to include the likes of Louis Tomlinson, Teddy Swims, and Kid Quill. In his music writing, he adopts a “Kevin Smith wordy” style, preferring to infuse hip-hop with simple beats and harmonies. Coming from an artistic background, storytelling is ingrained in his essence, a trait that beautifully translates into his lyricism and beats.

Tommy HotHands

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