Featured: Unraveling the Brilliance of Artist DaboFlai’s Unique Sound in his latest offering ‘Nightmares Through Rose Colored Glasses’


Today, Jukebox Time is featuring artist DaboFlai’s latest album titled Nightmares Through Rose Colored Glasses, comprised of 13 enthralling tracks that irresistibly lure us into a continuous loop of listening pleasure. The album kicks off with the track “When The Comet Comes,” setting the tone for the audacity ingrained in the entire collection. The introduction is sublime, with beats dipped in subdued tonality. “Feeling Good” stands out as a sheer marvel, showcasing spectacular transitions and vibrant beats that intermingle unlike anything else. The vocal patches in this track are utterly alluring.

“Passport” is a masterfully crafted track that highlights DaboFlai’s deftness and ability to seamlessly blend genres with his own flair. “She Walked Out” took us by surprise, with a sudden trajectory that left us in awe. The creative crafting of varied tonality is vividly visible (or shall we say audible?) in this track, taking the musical narrative in a different direction compared to previous songs.

“Don’t You Worry,” featuring Jae Havoc, once again captivates us with its lyrics. The minimal beats, accompanied by a mellow piano in the background, deliver a direct, raw impact, creating a powerful musical experience. The final track, “Piano Room In West Hollywood,” vitally attests that DaboFlai is not just an artist but a creative and conscious player of words.

DaboFlai’s main asset lies in his vocal delivery and distinctive, slightly unconventional flow. This aspect keeps listeners hooked, anticipating the new notes he throws at us in each track. The seat-catching narrative that he utilized is phenomenal too. Lastly, DaboFlai does justice by sprinkling music with an equally spread sonic flavor.

Creating such music requires skillfulness and the heart of an artist, and DaboFlai accomplishes this marvelously.

We highly recommend streaming this album for a unique musical narrative on Apple and Spotify, also available on our official Spotify Playlist.

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