Featured: Justin Pachen’s debut album “Lockdown Vocal Expressions”

Justin Pachen

Jukebox Time is today reviewing the debut album of artist Justin Pachen. It is titled Lockdown Vocal Expressions and comprises tracks titled Religion N Religion, Love You, Komba.., and many more enthralling songs. Lockdown Vocal Expressions as the name suggests is a euphoric experience altogether. And songs like Religion N Religion, Journey to Nowhere, Love You attest to this statement!

The translucent vibe of Religion N Religion beguiled us. Add to that the riveting guitars blending surrealistically with the vocals and the melody. Love You is exquisite with marvelous rhythms and captivating arrangement. Yes, it resembles genres pertaining to rock and pop but Justin Pachen’s voice takes it to a different level. Lastly, the two gems in the album worth listening to on “repeat mode” are Conventus and Tree Hugger. Conventus mesmerized us due to its subtle and emotional intro. And its invigorating storytelling was commendable too. Whereas, Tree Hugger is quite a musical journey (or shall we say mystical journey!) that captivates the nature and artist’s vision amazingly well.

Justin Pachen has a realistic vibe and rawness in his voice which is quite audible in all the songs. And the breathtaking guitars amplify the riveting vibe of the album. The guitars, music programming, and mastering is done by Russian artist S. Arzmunov. It seems music lovers would be definitely anticipating more music from this talented artist after listening to Lockdown Vocal Expressions.

Lastly, for a distinct musical experience check out the song titled Komba.. which is a truly enigmatic song in the Malayalam language (spoken in the Indian state of Kerala and the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry).

Lockdown Vocal Expressions is currently streaming on Spotify and major music streaming platforms.

For further details visit the official Instagram of the artist:

Justin Pachen


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