Exclusive: Sakis Gouzonis’ stunning album “Sweet Freedom”

Sakis Sweet Freedom

Jukebox Time is today sharing an exclusive album by artist Sakis Gouzonis. It is titled Sweet Freedom and comprises tracks titled You Are My Desire, I Will Rejoice, Tell Me and many more spellbinding tracks. You Are My Desire has quite a retro vibe. The progression is sublime with successive beats invigorating the listener. I Will Rejoice has a superb string section with powerful beats. Time Is Precious is truly an emotional rollercoaster that has a captivating soundscape vibe.

Overall, Sweet Freedom has all the elements of electronic music pertaining to experimentation, upbeatness and a musical cinematic canvas. Sakis Gouzonis has done remarkable work in the album by blending incredible sound patches and exquisite melodic tones. Sweet Freedom definitely touches that feeling of freedom that exists in each one of us i.e. deep inside us!

The album is currently streaming on the official website of the artist.

Official Album Streaming Link: Sweet Freedom

About the artist: Sakis Gouzonis is a Greek electronic music composer. He is the first Greek independent artist to become widely known through the Internet, and, more specifically, through MySpace, once the world’s largest social network. Up to now, Sakis Gouzonis has released 14 studio albums, each containing 10 original music tracks. Additionally, Sakis Gouzonis has won 10 international music awards & distinctions.

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