Featured: Levi Grxce releases a new single titled ‘LET ME CATCH MY BREATH’

Levi Grxce

Jukebox Time today spotlights Levi Grxce’s newest musical offering, a single aptly titled “LET ME CATCH MY BREATH” that is nothing short of mesmerizing. This track ensnares the senses, guiding you through a distinctive sonic landscape. The synths are terrific that cascade wonderfully with a harmonious fluidity that is enchanting.

The single’s true strength resides in Levi’s exceptional vocal delivery and his dynamic flow, which shine prominently throughout. Midway, the transitions meld seamlessly with his ethereal lyrics, creating a resonant musical narrative. The beats, evocative and attention-grabbing, anchor the track’s compelling essence.

As the single draws to a close, it veers onto an unexpectedly creative path. This section, it appears, has been thoughtfully composed by Levi to energize and challenge the listener, inviting them to delve into the layered complexities of his tonal creation.

We wholeheartedly recommend immersing in this single, now streaming on Spotify, and letting Levi’s rich tapestry of sounds captivate you.

About the artist: Levi Grxce is an independent recording artist based in California. His music is a blend of genres that includes Trap, Soul, RnB, Rock, Pop, and Orchestral elements.

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