Featured: Review of HEATHENSUN’s latest EP ‘Nu-Metal Ninjas’

Heathen Sun

Jukebox Time spotlights HEATHENSUN‘s latest EP ‘Nu-Metal Ninjas,’ a five-track manifesto of unbridled metal fury. ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ kicks off with an infectious vibrancy, its rhythms a cascading force that ensnares the psyche. With transitions as smooth as they are seductive and vocals soaked in a rawness we’ve missed in metal, the track also features the formidable artist Dropout Kings.

‘Shellshock’ roars to life with a guitar intro that’s pure fire, heralding Heathensun’s masterful sonic alchemy. The track ambushes you with its compelling vocals and relentless riffs, while the progressive metal elements mingle with provocative transitions to ensnare any listener. The lyrics, fierce and enigmatic, are laced with experimental flair.

‘4 Kings’ takes you on a three-minute blitz with an intriguing start and explosive melodies, where CHUCKY CHUCKY DGAF’s collaboration stands out. It’s a track that grabs the soul with jarring rhythms and a vocal rawness that’s becoming a rarity in modern metal.

‘Friends’ emerges as our favorite, painting a surreal soundscape of vocals and shredding riffs. The lyrics, vibrant and energetic, marry perfectly with an arrangement that defies convention. ‘The End’ concludes the journey, leaving listeners in the wake of a sonic maelstrom of potent, raw tonality.

Don’t miss the visual feast—the band has released official videos for three tracks, now on YouTube.

HEATHENSUN, a quartet wielding their instruments like warlocks of sound, includes Mark ‘Drunkndonuts’ White on Guitar and EFX, Arroll ‘Ak-47’ on Lead Guitar, Jacob ‘Snake’ Miller on Drums, and Johnny Anthrax as the band’s charismatic frontman. They’re new on the scene but already scaling the charts, with their single ‘Shellshock’ hitting #46 on Apple iTunes Top 100 Rock USA Charts.

We highly recommend this EP and Heathensun, declaring that they are an enigma wrapped in power chords, certain to bewitch music aficionados with their raw intensity. They are poised to capture the hearts of the metal realm and beyond.

Stream their seismic waves of metal on all networks now, and we’ve also added it to our official Spotify playlist!

Heathen SunAbout the band: HEATHENSUN aka Heathensun is an up and coming NU-METAL band from NORTH CAROLINA with a penchant for writing banging tunes and dynamic narratives. Comprised on 4 immensely talented individuals, the 4-piece band is made up of Mark ‘Drunkndonuts’ White on Guitar and EFX, Arroll ‘Ak-47’ Kelly on Lead Guitar, Jacob ‘Snake’ Miller on Drums as well as Johnny Anthrax fronting the band.

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