Reviving Rhythms: SC4REAL’s Upcoming EP ‘In The Moment’ Unveils a Long-Missed Sound!


Jukebox Time is today spotlighting artist SC4REAL’s anticipated EP ‘In The Moment’, set to release on December 1st. We were lucky enough to get a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) and were utterly captivated. The single “Dead Wrong” is a sublime and alluring blend of soothing vibes, cascading beats, and bass that instantly grips you. SC4REAL’s delivery is irresistibly foot-tapping, complemented by magnificently arranged synths. The lyricism weaves a cohesive backdrop, making the track a scintillating experience, with transitions that are both surreal and artfully concealed.

“G Thang” emerges as another gem, layered with intrigue from the outset. It features cajoling beats with a vocal overlay that creates a distinct ambiance. The sonic experience is rich with multi-layered tones, sculpted with the finesse of an artist at work. Powerful transitions seamlessly blend the EP’s diverse tonalities.

SC4REAL’s delivery across the EP is enigmatic, a vocal powerhouse that wraps us in an unprecedented musical panorama. “Good Girl Gone” surprises with its unique guitar-driven intro, charting a new creative course yet retaining SC4REAL’s signature sound—a lush sonic immersion.

The EP bears the unmistakable hallmark of SC4REAL’s musical genius, infused within every note of each single. It envelops listeners in a sonic deluge so rich and immersive, it’s a sound that’s been absent from the airwaves for far too long. SC4REAL’s distinctive touch imbues the EP with an aural saturation that revives the essence of what music aficionados have been yearning for—a true feast for the ears.

In summary, SC4REAL has meticulously assembled an EP that comprises three superbly sublime tracks. His distinctive artistry shines throughout, promising to enthrall his fans and music lovers alike. Mark your calendars for December 1st—we highly recommend this EP for a transformative listening experience.

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