Featured: Solomon Tention’s brilliant album series titled “Unfiltered: Inspiring Millennials on Purpose”

Solomon Tention

Jukebox Time is today featuring the renowned CEO of SIM EDU Consulting, Solomon Tention. Apart from being an author, professor and entrepreneur, Solomon Tention is a unique artist who has recently released two stunning spoken poetry style albums that are definitely intriguing. Titled as Unfiltered: Inspiring Millennials on Purpose Vol. 1 and 2, the album comprises motivational lyrics with subdued tonality that is strikingly alluring. The vital aspect of the album lies in the powerful words spoken by Soloman that will certainly motivate anyone when they come across these tracks. Purpose Doesn’t Require Perfection (our favorite!) is an unconventional yet majestic track that will bring anyone on their feet and inspire them to do things that they think were not possible for them. The elegance that he uses in his words is terrific and something that we haven’t heard in the musical realm for a long time.

Albeit the sublime aspect of tracks like What Does No Really Mean?, How Long?, really cajoles the listener into digging deep into their own thought processes and life choices.

Truly, if one is looking for that spark of inspiration then without a doubt Unfiltered Series by Solomon Tention is highly recommended for that.

Solomon Tention

The albums are currently streaming on major music streaming services.


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