Son Savage

Featured: Son Savage’s peppy new album ‘Folie à Deux’

Jukebox Time is today featuring the new album of artist Son Savage. It is titled Folie à Deux and comprises tracks titled Walkin’ Away, Sticky Situation, Sinner, Love Therapy, Spiraling and many more riveting songs! Walkin’ Away is an upbeat track with a stunning arrangement. The vibe is pretty amazing with exquisite guitars and beats. Super Glue is another splendid pop number from the album. The terrific bass and Son Savage’s vocals blend amazingly! The engaging guitar and vocoder effect really enthralled us. Spiraling (our favorite!) is another remarkable number. The intro is marvelous with a super-catchy melody. The harmonies are incredible.

Son Savage

Overall, it is a breathtaking album by Son Savage. The compositions are majestic and Son Savage’s voice is enigmatic and quite refreshing.

Jukebox Time highly recommends this phenomenal album!

It is currently streaming on all major music streaming services!

About the artist: Born in Lebanon and based in Dubai, Son Savage has collaborated with artists from Europe to Los Angeles, creating an infectious, one of a kind style in the process. His music sets itself apart with a sense of adventure, exploring the dualities of modern life through memorable melodies and hypnotic rhythms. In August 2021, Son Savage released a single, ‘The River’ which received radio airplay in 8 different countries and broke streaming charts records in the MENA region. The successful single will be followed up by a debut album titled “Folie à Deux” and a music video for “Love Therapy”, the lead single off the album directed by Son Savage himself in his directorial debut. 

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