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Featured: The exuberant music of Musical Alchemist!

Jukebox Time is today featuring the new album by artist Musical Alchemist. It is titled Velocity Run and is a stunning album with a total of eight hypnotic tracks. Paradise Feel is a riveting phenomenon with 90s beats and amazing progression. The synth sounds are powerful with a gripping vibe. Real Dream and Hyperdrive enthralled us with their unique compositions. However, the beats and melodic tones were aligned marvelously which were the driving force in the track. Arcane Night (our favorite!) gives a timeless and classic vibe. It does take the listener back into a different era filled with sentimentality!

Overall, music lovers who are keen on “bringing back the good old days” should listen to this album and drift away into a pool of memories.

Jukebox Time highly recommends this album.

About the artist: Musical Alchemist is a vastly gifted artist who has a 90s feel infused with modern sounds in his music. His album Velocity Run was inspired to make people feel better.

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