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The mesmerizing music of Richard Tyler Epperson!

Jukebox Time is today featuring the super talented artist Richard Tyler Epperson. He has announced his new EP titled ‘Another Day’ which will be released on the 15th of October. We got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen?) into the album. The EP comprises songs titled When I Build My World, The Song Inside Your Soul, Tonight, Beautiful Day and many more riveting songs!

When I Build My World is catchy, subtle yet invigorating. The guitars sound vibrant with a stunning arrangement. Whereas, The Song Inside Your Soul is a beautiful and fascinating song. The beats and Richard’s vocals blend amazingly well. Beautiful Day (our favorite!) is truly an enthralling song with wonderful melodic tones that are utilized cleverly.

However, the important asset of this EP is none other than Richard Tyler Epperson himself. He sounds bold and consciously cajoles us into this musical journey through his voice! The smooth yet deeply affectionate vocal texture melts our hearts and reverberates in our psych. Truly, this EP will be a sheer treat for music lovers. Overall, it is a well-arranged and intelligently crafted musical extravaganza.

Jukebox Mind recommends this upcoming EP album and gives it 5/5 stars.

Preview the album here: Another Day EP

About the artist: Salt Lake City-based singer-songwriter Richard Tyler Epperson embraces the ups and downs of the creative process as he continues to climb his artistic mountain. His third project, the six-song Another Day EP, is set for an October 15 release. 

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