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Featured: Jay Lei’s enthralling new EP Fast Lane (explicit content)

Jukebox Time is today featuring the new EP by artist Jay Lei. It is titled Fast Lane and comprises tracks like Alright, Drive Fast, The Most, ITILY and BRB.

Alright is a riveting track with a subtle synth intro. The beats and the bass blend amazingly. Jay Lei sounds distinct with soothing yet fascinating delivery. The composition is captivating and his voice does reverberate for a long time in the mind! Whereas Drive Fast and The Most have his signature style of delivery with stunning melodic tones. Also, the unique aspect of all the tracks in this album are its arrangements. All of the tracks have well-balanced and well-arranged sounds which commingle with Jay’s vocals quite flawlessly.


Overall, Jay Lei yet again delivers a captivating album and it seems his fans and music lovers would definitely add this EP to their playlists!

The beats are produced by Garret Kimmel and LilWolfieBeats and the EP album has been Mixed & Mastered by CEO Thrax.

About the artist: Jay Lei is a Hip-Hop artist hailing from Radcliff, KY. He first started uploading his music on Soundcloud and released 3 mixtapes independently on sites such as Datpiff and Spinrilla. While releasing a slew of projects, he was a student attending Middle Tennessee State University getting his bachelor’s degree and holding down a job working at Chipotle. Since then he is now bubbling in the music industry with his new EP Fast Lane. His track Drive Fast is now at 30,000 views on YouTube. His previous songs like Distance, What’s The Move, and Phone Call all have accumulated more than 20,000 steams on Spotify.

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