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Check out artist Ayo Kia’s super enthralling album ‘Before I Go’

Jukebox Time is today featuring the new album by artist Ayo Kia. It is titled Before I Go. The album comprises tracks like Running, Love to Lie, Watch Me, On Ya Body and many more riveting tracks. Running starts with a dreamy soundscape and powerful delivery by Ayo Kia. She sounds passionate and her vocal texture is quite distinct. The wordplay is marvellous with an extremely well-timed arrangement. Whereas, Love to Lie starts with a piano and bass blend which is captivating. Once again the composition is wonderful.

Overall, Ayo Kia’s boldness and raw intensity in her delivery is quite prevalent in her album Before I Go. The meaningful lyrics will seize listeners hearts for sure! She is an unconventional artist who is trying to bring a new perspective on equality through her music. And that impact is definitely felt in her album.

Ayo Kia is supremely talented and Jukebox Time highly recommends her new album. Music lovers would definitely await future releases from this artist!

About the artist: The rapper, Ayo Kia, has her hands on rap music. Be it Jane Austen in literature or Ayo Kia in rap music, they share one purpose; freeing the women from the chains of orthodox. Learning from the surroundings and the injustices and narrow mindedness society has delivered. Ayo Kia yearns to become the feminine voice. The expression of spontaneous emotions in her style but her genius unconsciously develop a contextual coherence.

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