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Exclusive: ET Boys new mesmerizing track titled ‘Something Love’

Jukebox Time is today reviewing the new single by artist duo ET Boys. The single is titled “Something Love” and it definitely provides a nostalgic vibe. The melodic tones are distinct with a retro touch. The sound patches especially the synths and beats sound powerful! The arrangement itself is a captivating phenomenon in the single. It is difficult to label their music into a specific genre but it seems they seem to have created a niche of their own. However, it could be defined as Nu Pop Melodic Rap.

Something Love has the same tenacity yet is a completely different track when compared to their previous release Sober. Overall, ET Boys which comprises of two Latino brothers named Tacboy and Sharkeyes are talented and fans would await new releases from the duo!

About ET Boys: Tacboy is a signed model for the top modelling agency in the world, IMG, sings with a freedom and a look that evokes the channelling of Jim Morrison. Whereas, Sharkeyes provides all the tracks for Tac to create upon. Sharkeyes tunes are distinguished by a variety of influences, his own personal drum beats and interplaying melodies.

“These sounds can not be forced into creation but rather are born from the bonds of brotherhood,” states Sharkeyes. This is young, fresh, nu music – the ET Boys Nu Pop sound.

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