The Spectrum

Featured: Review of i​LUMi​NATi​VE’s new album ‘The Spectrum’

Jukebox Time is today reviewing the new album by artist i​LUMi​NATi​VE. It is titled “The Spectrum” and comprises tracks like Stay Awake, Love Forever, Free Spirit, Born Again and many more riveting songs. The title track The Spectrum starts with a powerful delivery by the artist. The delivery is phenomenal and the wordplay is quite enthralling. The overall peppy vibe is exquisite. However, the beats are quite stunning too. Whereas, Stay Awake has a captivating arrangement. And once again i​LUMi​NATi​VE shines with his marvellous delivery in the track.

Overall, it is a powerful album with distinct lyrics and compositions. Also, the artist i​LUMi​NATi​VE sounds passionate and extremely unique. His flow is natural and its ubiquitousness will be felt by listeners for a long time. It is recommended to listen to the album in a single sitting for capturing the gist of the passion that the artist is trying to share with the world!

Music lovers would definitely await future releases from this artist! Other notable albums by the artist worth checking out are The Awakening and Kundalini Rising.

The album is currently streaming on SoundCloud.

About the artist: iLUMiNATiVE is an independent rap artist from Mullumbimby and was born in Byron Bay Australia. iLUMiNATiVE has released three album projects; ‘The Awakening’, ‘Kundalini Rising’ and ‘The Spectrum’ digitally worldwide. A single called ‘Know Yourself’ from the breakout album ‘Kundalini Rising’ was the first song to make it onto a national mainstream radio super network in Australia in 2021.

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