Featured: Trey Cunningham’s upcoming single “Internal Revenge”

Trey Cunningham

Jukebox Time is today featuring the upcoming single by Trey Cunningham. It is titled Internal Revenge and is a riveting single altogether! Yes, we got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) into this single and were blown away by the sheer dynamism ingrained in the song. The intro is sublime yet invigorating. The beats and the melodic tones have an amazing structural integration. However, the sonic variety is stunning and captivates us due to its distinct lyricism.

Lastly, Trey sounds phenomenal. And his vocal nuances definitely allures us and cajoles us to pay attention throughout the entirety of this song.

The single is all set to release on 14th of October and will be available on major music streaming services.

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About the artist: Trey Cunningham is an independent artist, singer, and songwriter who uses music as a medium to express himself and his thoughts fully. He has created his own unique platform for his creativity and creates something special from the undeterred music scene that breaks the one-dimensional mainstream music. He always creates that special kind of connection through his honest songwriting which makes him daring to most listeners as they are able to resonate with the emotional honesty in his songs. He, therefore, does not just make music – he makes powerful music that tells a story and is felt right through a listener’s heart in marvelous ways.


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