Exclusive: Artist Kaï 14 mesmerizes us in his new track “Hollywood”

Kaï 14

Jukebox Time is today featuring artist Kaï 14’s new single. It is titled Hollywood and is a brilliant two minute musical extravaganza. With sheer audacity and sublime arrangement the track evokes a distinct vibe. The vocal demeanor of Kaï 14 is stunning and extremely powerful. The surreal composition showcases the terrific creativity ingrained in the artist. What amazed us is the harmonious blending of Lo-Fi and RnB! This in itself is a rarity in the musical realm these days.

Lastly, Kaï 14 utilizes vocal nuances that are alluring and enraptures us totally. Truly, his music depicts a statement that the artist is here to stay and music lovers would definitely await future releases from him.

The single is part of his new mixtape Kaï’s World.

About the artist: Kaï is an emerging artist driven by his passion for producing soulful, expressive music, uniquely combining lyrical depth with calm delivery. Born and raised in coastal France, Kaï loves everything about his city, Marseille, and admires its central role in the French music scene. From a young age, Kaï nurtured a deep love for music, drawing inspiration from the music he grew up listening to and finding his own style and voice through an ingenious fusion of genres and styles.

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