Javier Pino Rodriguez’s sublime new song “Mensaje desde el tercer mundo”

Javier Pino Rodríguez

Jukebox Time is today featuring Javier Pino Rodriguez’s new song. It is titled Mensaje desde el tercer mundo and is a stunning musical extravaganza. With intriguing melodic tones and alluring composition, Javier Pino Rodriguez totally mesmerized us. The brilliance that shines through the intermingling of varied tonality is just phenomenal. The blend of rhythms along with smooth transitions is in reality a spectacular display of his craftsmanship. The merging of various genres and crafting a sonic nuance is not an easy task! However, Javier seems to be quite proficient when it comes to expressing that element of music.

Extremely powerful, technical yet emotional Mensaje desde el tercer mundo is just an amazing song that one can listen on a loop-mode!

About the artist: Javier Pino Rodríguez is a guitarist, composer, arranger and educator with a great path that includes different musical genres such as Jazz, Tango, Rock, Celtic and Contemporary Music. 

Javier Pino Rodríguez

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  1. This is amazing!! Thank you for theese amazing words!

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