Uta Habbig’s new EP “Songs from the Lighthouse”

Uta Habbig

Jukebox Time is today featuring artist Uta Habbig’s EP. It is titled Songs from the Lighthouse and is a stunning musical extravaganza. The EP comprises tracks titled Light of Heart, Wanderlust, and many more riveting numbers. What totally allured us in the EP is Uta’s evocative and surreal vocals. Her voice is extremely enigmatic and captures the essence of her artistic calibre. The subdued tonality in the songs is quite invigorating too. Be it Light of Heart where her vocals cajoles us or whether it is the sublime song What Could Be. We were just unable to deviate our attention from these songs while listening to this EP!

Powerful, dynamic and soulful these three words contains the gist of Uta’s Habbig EP. And therefore Jukebox Time highly recommends it.

Songs from the Lighthouse is now streaming on Spotify and major music streaming services.

About the artist: Uta Habbig is a New York based, German born musician who has intrigued audiences in Europe and the US with her endearing and colorful sound. Exploring a wide musical landscape, she transforms any song into her very own musical work of art. Centered on captivating vocal presence and authentic expression, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist asserts herself most through distinctive combinations of musical styles, intertwining folk, jazz, classical and even R&B.

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