New music video release alert: Aaron Reflex’s single “On”

Aaron Reflex

Aaron Reflex is back with another music video release for his song “On”. This video is artistic and will keep your eyes glued to the screen with the awesome transitions that go with the beat. Aaron Reflex is a talented music producer, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur from Queens, New York. The French, Senegalese music artist involves a combination of singing, and rapping. The music is also a combination of rap, soul, r&b, and trap music. Aaron has been releasing content on his own for many years. He has gained hundreds of  thousands of fans across social media. Aaron is also verified on Triller, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram. His work ethic is incredible and the visual comes two months after the releases of his newest album “On”. The music project contains eleven songs. The music video is captivating and shows Aaron Reflex in a creative element while delivering beautiful visuals that match the theme of the song. Aaron has a strong online fanbase and people have started making reaction videos on YouTube to his new video. 

Aaron Reflex is known for songs such as “Bank”, “Attention”, “Flex”, “Pull Up”, and more. Aaron Reflex runs a blog on his website where he and his writers collaborate with other various music artist,  entertainers, influencers, business owners, and more.  Aaron also runs an online store with various items being updated each session. Flex has a business mindset and has two college degrees. He has been making music since before he was in highschool and use to post singing videos to MySpace, Facebook and content on vine. He has seen much success and has been sponsored and endorsed by brands such as SPRAYGROUND, PSD Underwear, Y-Fear, Slapwoods, and more verified platforms and smaller brands. Aaron has also been on radio, television, news, and been written about many times online by many different major networks and blogs. Although independent Aaron Reflex name comes up a lot in conversations about beat up coming music artist. Flex has reportedly turned down independent and major record label deals due to not being able to negotiate a reasonable deal. Flex is a free agent but he for continues to get better with time. If he continues on the steady trajectory up he has been on for quite some time; there is no telling where he can go and what he can succeed.


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