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From Subtle Intros to Seductive Progressions: Allen’s Hand’s ‘Chicken King’ Album Review

Today, Jukebox Time is featuring the scintillating band Allen’s Hand. We were given a special sneak peek into their latest album titled “Chicken King,” which comprises a marvelous 12 tracks that completely enthralled us. It kicks off with “Rise Of The Chicken King,” which has a subtle intro that smoothly draws us into a dynamic sonic journey. The arrangement is terrific, displaying varied tonality throughout. The vocals are slightly subdued but still create a powerful impact. The second track, “Thermochemistry,” starts with an upbeat vibe that crafts a vibrancy which certainly captivates. The guitars are superb, accompanied by riveting rhythms that blend seamlessly with the overall progression. “Deep Space” (our favorite!) captivated us from the start with its powerful genre-mixing achieved quite seamlessly. The transitions are evocative, nudging our attention into a completely different zone. The standout feature of the track is its progression, which is highly seductive and tempts us to keep this song on loop—a must-try for our readers.

“Piña Colada” showcases a different side of the band with a slightly altered tonality and more experimental progression, sprinkled with standard tones. The guitars are mesmerizing, and the vocals flow smoothly, complemented by intriguing lyricism that melds well with the surreal sonic panorama. For an undeniable upbeat experience, we recommend “Figurine.” This track starts with a lavish intro featuring a lush sonic spectrum and powerfully ingrained tonality. The vocals are magical, with distorted tones that demand our continuous attention. Finally, “R3D3” provides an ideal ending with its diverse and terrific arrangement that showcases the true artistry of the band.

Overall, we were impressed with the album as Allen’s Hand ventures into a musical realm that few artists dare to explore these days. They sound fresh and powerful, with extreme divergent tones that are difficult to imitate—thus affirming their originality and unorthodoxy. The paradigm of their sound cannot be easily categorized into any one genre and definitely not into structurally simple melodies. This unique aspect of their music positions them as pioneers of a new sound, and we are eager to see what they will embark on next.

Chicken King is now streaming on Spotify.

About the band: Allen’ s Hand is a cult boyband dedicated to the reverence of the one true Chicken King. Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, the members of Allen’s Hand bring a rich tapestry of influences to the table. Their music weaves elements of rock, jazz, metal, and funk into a tapestry that is both familiar and refreshingly original. The result is a sound that defies easy categorization, providing listeners with a sonic experience that is both emotive and exhilarating. Founded in 2008 in Athens, Greece, they released a self-released EP quite soon, including their track “Swing That Thing”, which broke them through the local Athenian scene. After a bunch oflive shows at huge local clubs like An Club, Kyttaro Music Club, Kookoo Bar (now knows as Temple Athens), they were ready to record their first album. Their debut album “Linear” was released in 2013 and got great reviews, ranking as 3rd best album of the year on music website Allen’s Hand is a band known for its exceptional musicianship. Each member is a virtuoso in their own right, coming together to create music that is greater than the sum of its parts. Their compositions are characterized by intricate melodies, soulful harmonies, and odd-meter rhythms that challenge the conventional boundaries of music.

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