Featured: The Resonant Journey of The Lofty Pines’ Debut Album ‘Light at the Door’

The Lofty Pines

Today, Jukebox Time is thrilled to spotlight the mesmerizing trio The Lofty Pines. We were privileged to get an early listen to their upcoming debut album titled “Light at the Door.” This compelling collection features 10 tracks, each weaving a mesmerizing mood of sound that is difficult to replicate. The album begins with “Light at the Door,” gently coaxing us into a unique journey with the trio. The transitions are expertly crafted, providing a perfect structural backbone to the rich layers of mandolin, guitars, and vibrant violins.

“Broken Legs” bursts onto the scene with an epic intro and dynamic lyricism. The arrangement is bold and audacious, elevated by exceptional vocals and harmonies. Yet, the real highlight is the emotionally charged violin, which deeply resonates with listeners. “Red And Gold” impresses with its superb structure and captivating tonal realm, offering brief yet exhilarating bursts of joy.

“Breath And Bones” enriches the album with a splendid sonic paradigm, where the vocals guide us into a space of deep personal reflection. The rhythm is vigorous and full of life, complementing the introspective mood. “The River” wraps up the narrative of the album, creating an enigma that reflects on the story woven through the music. Is there a story within the album? While the mind might question, the heart knows that every track, every melody, every lyric is a story in itself, brought to life by the artist’s touch.

The album’s depth and evocative sound are unparalleled, inviting repeated listening to fully savor its nuances.The Lofty PinesWhile we often highlight a favorite track, this time the entire album has captivated us, leading us to feature multiple tracks from “Light at the Door” on our official playlist once it releases.

The gist of the album being that it beautifully captures the essence of Folk, Americana, and Bluegrass, weaving these classic genres into its sonic fabric. Each track resonates with the rustic charm of acoustic strings, the storytelling depth of Americana, and the spirited, rhythmic pulse of Bluegrass. This fusion creates a heartfelt nod to traditional sounds while infusing them with a modern twist. We enthusiastically recommend this album for anyone seeking a profound inner journey and a stirring external experience.

Look forward to streaming the album when it releases on major music streaming platforms on 17th of May.

About the band: The Lofty Pines is an acoustic trio based in Erie, Colorado, known for their unique sound that blurs the lines between folk, Americana, singer-songwriter, and bluegrass genres. The members of the band are three dads, each with his own unique musical journey. The band’s story began when Ben Knighten, a guitarist, mandolin player, and songwriter, moved back to Colorado from Hawaii and reconnected with an old friend, Darren Thornberry, who plays guitar, provides vocals, and plays percussion. Ben and Darren spent the next seven years playing various shows together under the name “Ben Knighten Music.” In the spring of 2022, Ben asked Darren if he would officially start a band with him as a new project to work on previously unrecorded songs. A few months later, after placing a Craigslist ad, they were joined by Carey Lewis, who had recently moved to Erie from Houston, Texas. With Carey’s addition, The Lofty Pines was officially formed.

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