Interview with Kaitlan C. Farrior, Author of “Like I Don’t Exist: Am I Even Real?”

Kaitlan C. Farrio Like I Don't Exist

Jukebox Time got a chance to interview Kaitlan C. Farrio in regard to her new book Like I Don’t Exist: Am I Even Real?. We got insights into her book, her source of inspiration and much more.

Q1. Welcome to Jukebox Time! Your new poetry book Like I Don’t Exist: Am I Even Real is now available on Amazon! Please tell us about your wonderful book.

Kaitlan C. Farrio: “Like I Don’t Exist” is a collection of writings from a standpoint of a woman who is growing into herself and using her voice to validate her emotions and actions. Since she spends reality giving and supporting others, she uses words to be a little selfish. From poem to poem, I go over stages from happiness, acceptance, regret, and more. I feel like it’s okay to be vulnerable. Emotions are actually for the strong. We are all human and we have emotions. This work of art isn’t to be judged as such. It’s supposed to be used to reflect and understand that it’s life. Like It’s stated, “It’s the help I didn’t receive that helped me the most and It was the calls that didn’t get returned that meant the most”. Everything is an answer, everything is a sign. Sometimes it’s not what we want but it’s definitely what we need. If you liked “In The Midnight Hour” by me, you’ll definitely enjoy this project of mine.

Q2. What really inspired you and motivated you to write this poetry book?

Kaitlan C. Farrio: Life. Literally life experiences have always been my one and only motivation. The good and the bad. Since life goes by so fast and I may not have the time to really communicate certain words with an individual, I use my writing to express myself better. This book in particular was inspired by change. I was in the process of transferring colleges and having so many what if’s and buts in my head. Only I knew my real reasonings, only I knew how I felt. Writing has always been my out from the cruel world. I wrote “Like I Don’t Exist” because I wanted to conclude the pain, I wanted to get it off my chest and leave it in the past. I was unseen, unheard, etc. I didn’t matter unless it was beneficial to someone. I was placed in a box and taken out when needed. I started questioning my own purpose but I had to leave. So the book is just for my final confirmation.

Q3. Poetry is a spectacular form of expression. How important is poetry for you?

Kaitlan C. Farrio: It’s like my Achilles heel. I started out with song lyrics. Then I was like “dang, I have so many notes on my phone from when I was trying to vent and had no one there.” I went through and my inner voice was just reading it like an open mic night. I felt like I wanted others to understand and in the process, I would better understand it myself. Also, I am new to this, new to it all. I’ve never been here before. Poetry helps me talk it out. Helps me explain…

Q4. Any favorite poetry of yours that you would like to share with our readers?

Kaitlan C. Farrio: Im always torn between my favorite and what my reviewers like. I personally like the poem “Reap and Sow” Which was inspired by a friend of mine who was giving me advice about how I seem to never really reap what I sow. It’s the 2nd poem in my new book.

Reap & Sow

The truth is good but not good to hear

Presence is best but not when it’s near


Space to clear the mind, body, and soul

No stress, see how the body glows


Been barely surviving, living paycheck to paycheck

Then come hell and high waters up to my neck


It’s a cycle of giving and receiving just to give again

And even though I try, It’s hard not to complain


When do I eat the crops that I planted?

I even made sure to use what was handed… to me


When do I get surplus of seeds to feed my family?

The self-drought is causing alot of insanity


Someone has to miss out, and I didn’t mind the sacrifice

But just a crumb for me will suffice


But truth is, trying is not and won’t ever be good enough

A presence that isn’t equally yoked makes things rough


Space, grace, and more time

Not reaping what you sow should be a crime

Q5. Beautiful! What’s next? Which book are you working on now?

Kaitlan C. Farrio: I don’t know if I should be telling anyone this but… I am working on my second to last poetry book. It is going to be titled “The Transfer” which is my first uplifting book. It’ll showcase some heavy-hitting topics like; suicide, perseverance,  and much more. This book will be like a sunshine after the storm type of book.

Q6. Finally, as we ask all our guests on Jukebox Time, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with the world and our readers?

Kaitlan C. Farrio: If anyone out there wants to write, do it! But…Stay true to yourself. No matter what anyone says… Your work is your work. Written by you and honestly no matter the response.. just know it’s perfect because you took the time to do it. It’s better to have self and no audience than to have an audience and no self.

About the author: Kaitlan C. Farrio is a multi-genre writing author who shares personal and interpersonal experiences with her readers. From poetry to true crime, and even to comedy, Farrior continues to appeal to her audience one story at a time. Not only is Kaitlan a writer but she is an advocate for social issues, a College student at NC State University, and much more!

The book is now available on Amazon!

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