MC Earth

Exclusive: Artist MC Earth’s inspiring and sublime single “D4MN”

Jukebox Time is today featuring the new single by artist MC Earth. Known for his brilliant music and conscious yet inspiring lyricism, the artist is back with another powerful single titled D4MN that draws our attention to Mother Nature. The intro is riveting with magnificent vocals by MC Earth that slowly coaxes us into this phenomenal single. The scintillating lyricism is a vital yet conscious element in the single. Add to that the composition which is alluring and has an amazing rhythm section. The structurally intriguing melodic tones are unique asset of the single too.

Overall, the single has exquisite tonality. And the remarkable message that MC Earth’s is conveying is hard to miss. Therefore, Jukebox Time highly recommends D4MN.

The single is now streaming on SoundCloud.

About the artist: Mother Nature’s Soldier, the Raptivist from Rockville; MC Earth is here to protect life on Earth. By creating clean, conscious and inspiring music, he’s aiming to bring humanity closer together so we can defeat threats to Mother Nature and our next generation of kids.

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