Interview with Shelli Virtue, Author of “Unpacking Your Pain – Complete Healing through Lamentations”

Shelli Virtue

Jukebox Time got a chance to interview author Shelli Virtue in regard to her book Unpacking Your Pain – Complete Healing Through Lamentations. We got insights into her book, advice for aspiring writers and much more!

Q. Welcome to Jukebox Time! How are you doing?

Shelli Virtue: Great, thanks for taking the time to let me introduce myself and my most current writing.

Q. Your new book Unpacking Your Pain is now available on your website. Please tell us about your wonderful book!

Shelli Virtue: “Unpacking Your Pain” is a Bible study on the book of Lamentations and a process to work through the difficult things you’ve encountered in life and are, in some way, still  impacting you. It is a seven week study in which we unpack our pain boxes from nearly every angle possible. Each topic is represented in the book of Lamentations. Besides unpacking your pain, you are given the opportunity to reduce, reuse, and recycle your pain in ways that move you forward into hope for healing. You will have the opportunity to write a Personal Lamentation and Prayer for Redemption. This process of writing things down will allow you the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. You will then be able to come up with ways to get through and move past the pains by seeing them in a different light. This process holds you accountable for opening up to someone or the group you are studying with to unpack your pain and put together a plan of action for steps to take when you have completed the process of unpacking your pain. You may also find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel you have anyone to talk to and can’t afford to pay someone else to listen to. Although this may be a harsh reality, people are often so busy with their lives and their own problems, that they simply don’t have the time or  energy to help you work through your pains. That doesn’t mean they don’t care! In other words, sometimes we need to realize that our problems, hurts and pains are OUR problems, hurts and pains to work through and heal from. This study will help you  do that!

Q. The book is written in acrostic form. Why did you choose this form for your book?

Shelli Virtue: It is the form found in the book of Lamentations. We will be using the book of Lamentations as a guideline for how to completely work through our pain. The book of Lamentations is written in an acrostic form through the Hebrew alphabet. This form is used to express the completeness of walking through the pain. It starts at the beginning of the Hebrew alphabet and expresses sorrow with each section beginning with words that correspond with each sequential letter in the alphabet all the way through the entire process of lamenting. Although the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, this study will take you through all 26 letters of our English language as you completely work through your pain.

Q. Any words of advice for aspiring writers?

Shelli Virtue: I’m not sure about advice for an “aspiring” writer. Either you write or you don’t. It’s something we enjoy doing whether there are accolades going along with it or not. We do it because it’s the best way we know to express ourselves. If you desire to become an author who gets traditionally published, then one piece of advice is to begin building your “writer’s platform” now, even if you haven’t begun writing yet. You will want followers who will be ready to buy your book once it’s written.

Q. What’s next? Which book are you working on now?

Shelli Virtue: I am currently working on a study entitled “A CURE for Good Intentions: Lessons from 13 Everyday Guys.” I am excited to be participating as an extra in the filming of an episode for “The Chosen” in the near future. The study I am writing has involved a lot of research on the 12 disciples and this experience will lend greatly to the writing of this next study.

Q. Finally, as we ask all our guests on Jukebox Time, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with the world and our readers?

Shelli Virtue: I’d love for you to visit my website for other studies I have available, and sign up for my weekly email which provides tips on improving relationships. We all need that! I’d love to offer any readers out there today a special discount on any of my studies. Enter the code JUKEBOX at checkout and receive $5 off any of the study workbooks. I am also available on many social media platforms. All of the links are included below:


About the author: Shelli Virtue grew up a pastor’s kid, graduated from a Bible college, homeschooled her 4 children, is a full-time caregiver to her disabled adult son, and was the vice-president of a youth center.  She lives in Minnesota (I know, crazy…right?) with her equally crazy (oops! I mean special)(oops! Did I just say that?) husband. Her deep desire is to encourage women to be the best possible woman, wife, and mother they can possibly be through her thought-provoking Bible studies. She isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions and be open to creative ways of thinking in her approach to better her relationship with God and others.  


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