Exclusive: Artist L.A. Funeral’s new single “Mausolea”

L.A. Funeral

Jukebox Time is today featuring L.A. Funeral’s (alias and brainchild of composer and multi-instrumentalist Jamie Floyde) new single. It is titled Mausolea and is part of his upcoming album From Forever to Infinity. The intro is quite unconventional with sublime guitars and hazy vocals of L.A. Funeral inviting us for an exquisite journey. The progression is catchy and arrangement is scintillating when compared to artists other notable songs such as Burying the Years and Antumbra. The artist also showcases a powerful vocal performance that indelibly captivates the listener throughout the single.

Overall, L.A. Funeral certainly intrigued us with his new single and raised our anticipation as in what other enthralling songs the new album would comprise of? Well, time will tell the tale that L.A. Funeral would want to share with the world in his new album. In the meantime, wallow in this stunning single and keep an eye on his official social media for updates about the album:

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About the artist: L.A. Funeral is an alias and brainchild of Bath based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jamie Floyde. The artist has been part of the southwest Indie music scene for the last decade and has played in various bands such as Devon punk veterans Falling Apart to fronting Bristol based Alternative rock band Twin Arrow.

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