Linwood Jackson Jr.’s new book – Justification!

Linwood Jackson Jr. is an author and poet writing on personal and devotional health. He is someone who believes on the power of the Bible’s words when sincerely exercised and studied. Through his books, speeches, and discourses, he encourages to think and feel for self’s betterment, that self-love may bloom into self-possession through the knowledge acquired from experience. This, he says, betters the personal and devotional life not only for the person but also for all around them.

Book Brief: In order to have faith in anything, we need to possess a living and working knowledge of what we would have faith in. Justification looks into how the bible defines the process of acquiring and maintaining “faith,” introducing the reader to a pattern of thought revolving around the idea that, even if it is true that the conversation is unhealthy without faith, the sufficiency of the conversation is based upon the knowledge it has not only on the Bible’s philosophy but also on its experience in that philosophy, making personal knowledge an integral part of having and exercising “faith.”

Justification is now available on Amazon!

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